There are 5 of us children of a mother with Alzheimer's and she is 24/7 care in nursing home. Can the administration only inform one member of the family; if that person is not including the rest of mothers' children on meetings to attend, changes in mother's care, etc?

They can if that person is POA for medical and/or financial.
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Yes they and that is standard practice. If there isn’t a POA, then it’s up to the family to appoint the best person to be the point of contact and it’s on that person to notify everyone else. The facility cannot be expected to notify everyone and to make sure everyone has been notified. The family needs to work together.
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This is standard practice, the staff don't have time to call a long list of people. On admission they ask for one contact (usually the POA) and an alternate if that person isn't available.
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