I have a brother-in-law that we take care of. I handle his checkbook and his medicines for him. He is getting to the point that he needs to go into a nursing home. He is on Medicare & Medicaid. I write a check for his life insurance out of his social security/disability check. If he goes into a nursing home, can I still have some of his check to pay for his life insurance, or will they take the whole check leaving us with nothing to bury him with? He has Parkinson's, Emphysema, COPD, Bi-Polar and Manic Depressive.

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You can’t keep any of his income. It will all go to the nursing home and he’ll get a small monthly personal needs allowance. And depending on what type of life insurance policy it is, if he owns it, it may be considered an asset And it will have to be cashed in.
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