I am a POA for personal care of a mentally challenged woman and the nursing home that she just moved to is cancelling her Dr's appt., and she hasn't been sick. I want to know if they have that power to do so.

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Establishing good communication patterns will be critical if this woman is to remain in the NH long term. Make an appointment and talk to the director of nursing. Ask, with sincere interest, why this appointment was cancelled. Find out how you can assure that future appointments are kept.

Do not go in with accusations or a negative attitude. Assume that you and the NH are on the same side, both trying to do the best for each resident. Cooperation generally sets a better tone for future communications.
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Pgrmr, did the nursing home give you a reason why they cancelled the doctor's appointment? Were you going to take the woman to the doctor?

Was this doctor this woman's primary physician? If yes, please note that most nursing homes have their own physicians.  I know when my Mom went into a nursing home, she had to give up her own primary doctor and use the doctor at the nursing home. 
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