Can my Mom see her own doctor instead of being under their doctor's care?

Nursing home refuses to take my Mom off antidepressant drugs even though the side effects are awful. She gained weight, has crying jags, is very confused. She has dementia and this is how they are treating it. I want to take her back to her own doctor to direct her care but they are telling me I cannot do that. Is this correct? .Any feedback is appreciated. I am beside myself watching my Mom on these drugs

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Nursing homes like to work with their contracted doctor because it's easier, but I don't think they can keep you from getting a second opinion. Medicare will pay for second opinions, although you may have to clear it with Medicaid if she's covered by this program.

I'd go online to Type the Zip code of your mother's nursing home in the box and you should find contact information for the patient's representative covering that home. Ask about other complaints and then ask about getting a second opinion. These people are very knowledgeable and will find answers for you.
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