My father is a tube feed patient all night long. He went from hospital care in to a nursing home. He also owns a home and keeps asking when he can go home. He will not be going home at 90 does not keep up with personal care, and would have to have home care for the tube feed. and a fall risk. How do we make this as easy as possible for him as he does not understand that going home is too big of risk for him.

Those of us here who have faced this don’t hesitate to throw the doctors under the bus. Tell him that his doctor says he can go home when the doctor feels he’s well enough to go. You can also tell him that while he’s gone, you are making some minor repairs and updates to the house. These are never finished, of course.

He wont understand if you repeatedly tell him he cannot go home because of the tube, his lack of caring for himself and or being a fall risk. He will just argue with you. You’ll have a better chance with what we call the Therapeutic Fib.
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