My mother is in a NH. I was paying them from an account that her ss ck was in. The NH said I was delinquent and had her ck signed over to them. I was never notified and was told they didnt have to notify me. They said the remainder is in an account they control. I am her daughter and POA. She gets $699 and they say they will take all but $62, but medicaid said Mom only pays $602.20 to them. They also want $ for Nov. even though Medicare paid them $8541.04. I think something is fishy. I live in Kansas City, KS. They also asked questions about what certain payments from her bank account were for, stating that KanCare said to ask me. They have always sent a letter to me and a copy to my Mom and the NH when they needed info or to tell me of any changes or actions taken.

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