We are trying to get a family member closer to home, yet these facilities that claim they specialize in behavior care are the ones turning him away? How so?

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Haileybug, could you be clearer as to what reason the facilities are turning away your family member?

These specialize nursing facilities usually have a long waiting list of people waiting for an open bed.

If your family member is on Medicaid [which is different than Medicare] not every facility will except a Medicaid patient. One would need to narrow down those facilities that do, and be placed on their waiting list.

If you can give us more information, it would be helpful.
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haileybug Dec 22, 2018
The reason they are turning our family member away is because of behavior. They have not been able to regulate his meds.
Yes, need more info.

The problem comes when the "behavior" cannot be controlled with medication. Then the person needs a psychiatric facility to monitor and adjust meds till they get the right mix. This can take a while.

Like freqflyer said, the facility first has to have a bed. Then do they except medicaid. And, is the person being taken from one state to another? If so, then they can't get Medicaid in the new state because they aren't a resident. Medicaid is a state thing not federal. Is the person on Medicare? If changing states, is their suppliment excepted?

Lots of things factor in.
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haileybug Dec 23, 2018
Doctors have been trying to regulate his medicines for at least 3 years. In the meantime, they have been dumping him from place to place, almost 200 miles from home.

Therefore, we can't even get him closer to home because of this.

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