The nursing administrator sent my husband a certified discharge notice that she is discharging his brother to our home. She says the doctors can not regulate his meds and he has to go. We are not able to care for him in our home. What should we do?

I have contacted the ombudsman but do not know what they will do. Thanks

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Refuse to take him home - they cannot force you to take him into your home. They will have to work to find a safe release for him.
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I think the Ombudsmen was a good idea. I am assuming your husband is brothers POA so that is where the assumption is? A POA does not have to physically care for the person who has assigned them POA. If u have any responsibility its to make sure they are safe, fed and clean.

Your profile says ur caring for someone with ALZ/Dementia. I guess this is the BIL. I would guess that he is having violent tendencies that meds aren't helping. Are these "doctors" general practitioners? If so, they are not really qualified to prescribe the drugs ur BIL needs. He may need to go to a Psychic hospital to get him on the right combination of meds. This is trying one finding out it doesn't work, trying another, etc. The NH just doesn't have the time to do this and the other residents are at risk.

You have to be firm that sending him to your home is not going to happen. You do not have the ability to care for someone like this. You don't say your ages but thats a factor too. Jobs. Financially not feasible. There is no law that says you must take him. But there are laws that say he can't be released unless there is a plan in place.

Get back to us and tell us what the Ombudsman says. This is how we all learn.
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This must be very alarming for you.

Could you explain a little more about what has been happening? What kind of facility is your brother in law currently in? What are his care needs? Where was he before his admission? It might help us understand why the nursing administrator would have picked on you.

Next: what exactly does the 'certified discharge notice' say? And by whom is it certified? And whose agreement to the discharge plan does it indicate?

I'm wondering if your husband has been saying well-intentioned and kind but reckless things to his brother, or polite things to his health care team, and inadvertently created a false impression, for example. Not even the hardest-bitten of nursing administrators just take an address at random and send their patients there.
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JoAnn29 Oct 2018
I think what she means by certified is certified mail to insure the person received the letter.
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