Hi, my mom has dementia. because of a stroke a year ago she has a catheter. she has had numerous infections over the year which has decreased her cognitive ability. I am concerned she might have e-coli or another type of infection tht the antibiotic is not effective in treating. (the way we found and treated the e-coli last time was through an er visit and a return to the hospital for IV antibiotics.). The nurse at the urologist says its impossible to get a clear sample because she has the catheter. Is this true? her behavior has gotten so much more violent recently. the dr has ordered a medication change to introduce depakote which combined with the seraquel makes her sleep constantly and she is still aggressive, Please help.

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Shane, thanks. Ill call the urologist now.
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You need a sterile sample for the culture. Who changes your mom's catheter? Best practice suggestsz the Foley catheter is changed aamonthly. Maybe they can change it earlier this month and get the sample at that time.
They can't take a sample from the bag as it not clean.
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