My dad is 81 years old and is having CHF. He's also a diabetic and now a stage 3 CKD. He can't get a stent because of bad kidney might resulting in dialysis. His ef is 10-15%. Doctors suggested hospice. With his diagnosis do you think I can nurse him back to health and try to get work done to his heart. I don't want to lug him to doctors appointment if there's no results.

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How willing would your dad be to change his lifestyle? If he went whole food, plant-based, NO OIL, he might be able to reverse his heart condition and certainly improve his kidney status. If he's a Type II diabetic, he can probably reverse that as well, or at least cut down drastically on his meds. It won't reverse Type 1 diabetes, but will get him healthier for sure.

Start Googling Dr. Caldwin Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic and his book, "How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease". More than 20 years ago, he took patients who were given up for dead with heart issues. He put them on his way of eating (eating a handful of greens 6X a day, NO OIL, no animal products, plant-based eating) which is very strict and 20 years later, those who stuck with his plan were still alive. Their blockages were dramatically reduced/reversed because without oil and animal products, their arteries could clear. Dr. Nathaniel Pritikin did something similar even before that - back in the 60s. You can also Google "Dr. McDougall success stories" to read about others who have turned their dire medical situations around with this kind of eating. But your dad would have to be willing to significantly change his eating habits and you'd have to be willing to help him with that. Another great resource is where you can watch daily videos about diet and nutrition. The Doctor (Greger) who runs that went into medicine because his grandmother's life was saved by Dr. Pritikin. She was told to go home and die until Dr. Pritikin put her on a very low-fat diet. She lived another 30 years I think (into her 90s).
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