Should I get a nurse call system for my mother? -

Should I get a nurse call system for my mother?


Hi, my mom is in her 80’s. You can guess what her behavior at this age could be? She is not willing to live with us. We have a maid who comes during the daytime but my mom behaves strangely with her. I am so upset, thinking about her. Last week she fell down from the stairs. I am working at a distant place and won’t be available during times of emergency. Don’t know what to do. When I said this to my friend, she advised me to install a wireless nurse call system which is really helpful for getting help during emergencies. I feel this is apt for seniors living independently. I haven’t used such systems before and would like to get your suggestions.

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I'd be concerned with her acting oddly. What do you mean that we can guess how she acts? If she's acting abnormal and falling, I'd try to get her checked out by her doctor and be present with the doctor to report to the doctor what you and her helpers are observing. If they are telling you about her odd behavior, I'd ask them to make a list so you know the extent of it. It could be a UTI, stroke or something else going on. What do her doctors say?

When investing in an emergency system, I'd make sure that your mom is going to be able to utilize it. Even if it's voice activated, if her cognitive ability is reduced enough, she still may not be able to use it. With medical review and other investigation, determine if she really is okay being left alone for any time period. Even though she may protests, if she's not safe there alone, it'll need to be addressed.

I have heard of alerts that sound when someone falls down, because the button is sensitive to being in the down position. I've never used them before though, so, I don't know how effective they are.
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There are many, many emergency alert systems out there and there have been for years - I know my grandmother had one back in the '80s - and the number and type are only increasing with the advances in technology. The system you have mentioned seems to be geared for use in a facility, try searching this site for "emergency alert buttons" to see what others have had to say.
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