I want to install a granny cam in Mom’s semi private room. Cameras are now in use in dining area of her facility. 99 yo Mom has DX of Alzheimer’s, is fairly healthy but uses walker and would not be able to get up from a fall w/o assistance.

She has been in private Memory Care facility for 4 yrs. She eloped 3 times, has had issues with theft, caregivers refusing to keep her tv on religious station, housekeeping neglect etc. I have handled most issues.

Recently she sustained unexplained abrasions on both legs. The abrasions are in a strange “9 rung ladder” pattern on one leg with just horizontal wounds. Small abrasion on the other leg. I was only notified by a favorite caregiver, (who included photos), no notification to me from nurse or management -even though they were notified by caregiver.

At the point when I observed her wounds that day, there were some scabs but still some bleeding. This is not a recent wound. No explanation has been given.

I will report to state. Please share any experiences you have with different types of security monitoring. I think I will need to get permission from facility as well as roommate’s family. Thanks for any help!!

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I’m throwing my 2 cents in here as a suggestion....
My friend hired caregivers and called them “ family friends “. These family friends came to “ visit “ her Dad in memory care every day. They basically sat with him, went with him to meals, tidied his space and kept track of his clothing. The nursing staff loved them because it made their job easier. It gave my friend peace of mind when the family couldn’t be with their LO. It took some scheduling on all of their parts but they made it work. Also, cameras are a wonderful tool to watch over LO if the facility will consent.
Best wishes to you going forward!
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VanityMom, I can understand your need to watch over Mom, but would Mom be comfortable [with or without dementia] knowing that a camera is watching her being dressed or that her depend type garments are being changed?

Just curious, is Mom telling you that the Staff is changing TV stations, and that her items are being stolen? If yes, you need to chalk it up to the mind of a person with Alzheimers, where story telling can be the norm in some cases. And it isn't unusual for a person with Alzheimers to give away their things to other residents living in the facility.

As for the abrasions on Mom's legs, my Mom had bruises also. My Mom was a major fall risk and occasionally she would scrape her legs and feet on the hospital bed trying to get out of bed [my Mom could no longer stand without help but her brain thought otherwise]. The facility would notify me whenever my Mom had a major fall, otherwise the phone would be ringing all day.

Yes, you would need to get permission from the facility, chances are such information is already noted in the admission papers. And don't be surprised if the room-mate and/or that person's family says "no" to the camera. Too much invasion of privacy. They would also be afraid their conversations were being recorded, even if the camera was video only.
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