I just read that a form of revocation needs to be filled and given to the person who is being taken off the POA.. if i was taken off my moms POA, but she didnt realize that was what she was agreeing to, and i was never notified with any revocation paper, isnt this
changing of POA, and telling me i am no longer to be involved in her care-
taking into consideration i have yet to see the so called new POA papers-
doesnt this sound a bit shady?not legal? something isnt right about this- i believe
anyone know?
i know i asked several times,still waiting for lawyer aappt- but this site is the best- so im asking again-
because iti is taking a toll on me- physically--
among other things, i have developed laryngitis for the last few weeks- which
is ironic- since i feel as though i have no voice anymore as far as my mom goes-so losing my voice is a big mind/body message-
anyway-any help of info-appreciated

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