I have noticed in the past six months that Doctors office workers at clinics in my area are getting shorter with people everyday. The nurses act like they are being thrown under the bus at some clinics and act short or rude and blow air into the receiver of the phone. Certified Nurses Assistants don't want to deal with patients that they feel are too bothersome or they just want to sit there and play with apps on their I phone or Smart phone. Some receptionist are so rude and the walls are paper thin at clinics and you can hear them badmouthing patients in the next room. The social workers at any rate want the nurses to side in with them and doctor files so they can tear families apart. Has anyone ever notice how rude the health care professionals are getting? Aren't they getting paid enough to at least be half way decent and nice? I know that there are still some good nurses and doctors and social workers and Certified Nurses Assistants but then there are some that just give the health care profession a bad name.

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My experience is that most docs, nurses and CNAs are pretty good people trying hard in difficult jobs. I'm sure there are some bad apples, but they have to deal with a lot of difficult patients and families. I think most of them feel rushed most of the time, which makes their interactions with patients and families harder to manage.
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