Not rectal or vaginal, but bleeding 25 yrs after hysterectomy? -

Not rectal or vaginal, but bleeding 25 yrs after hysterectomy?


I am a 69 yr old healthy female. I had a hysterectomy 25 yrs ago. Still have ovaries & cervix. Last week I had a heavy period like bleeding. Doctors, examinations & ultrasounds have established it is not rectal, vaginal, or urinal. What could it be?

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Abdominal CT?
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Look again doctors. The woman still has ovaries, may have burst, your tests just did not catch it.
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Did you by chance have intercourse prior to the bleeding starting? As we age, mucus membranes get thin, due to the decrease of estrogen, and can easily tear during sex, and just like our mouths, these tissues also heal very quickly, so there may not be anything seen upon medical evaluation. With no uterus and only a cervix, there's not a lot to go wrong in this "closed" system, so I doubt that it is anything serious, IF the bleeding was indeed vaginal, and providing you've ruled out ovarian as well as rectal complications.

Some people do have problems with glands at the opening of the vagina called a Bartholin Cyst, that can fill up with pus and blood, but these are normally painful, and easily felt, so it does not sound like this was the culprit. Having the follow up colonoscopy is a good idea, with your family history. Oh what fun it is to be a female, where All sorts of Wonderful things can be tricky and go wrong!!! Lol!!! I hope you get to the bottom of it!
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OK, my curiosity is peaked. But I need to ask you a few questions.

1. Where did you find the blood? On the toilet paper (front or back)? On your clothes? At the lower abdomen or between your legs?

2. What color was the blood? Bright red, dark red, brown?

3. Thick, thin, with clots?

4. Odor (fresh, old smelling, or foul?)

5. Quantity? Did it soak your underwear? Did you have the bleeding more than 1 day?

6. Do you have internal hemorrhoids or polyps?

I'm on a mission to find out what happened. 🤔
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Thank u all for your answers & support.
This is for real & not a quiz.
All doctors & I are stumped. Totally baffled. The unknown is consuming me at the moment.
Bleeding Could only have come from vagina. No cysts. No haemorrhoids. No haematomas.
As one doctor said ‘We are running out of holes as where the bleeding came out from’.
Urine, vaginal & rectal ultrasounds tests show no sign of blood or residue whatsoever. Ovaries & cervix perfect.
Organising colonoscopy just in case. History of family bowel cancers.
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I thought the cyst was a good guess. My mother actually had to have one surgically removed in that area. She was in her 90s. Outpatient procedure and no follow up needed. But her internal doctor sent her to get it taken care immediately to prevent complications.
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Not to be graphic..........but where did the blood come from if not those three places? Belly button, nose, ears?
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Good golly, as far as I know, those are the only 3 orifices down there.
I'm assuming a doctor has checked you out thoroughly.

Have you had tests to make sure? Urine sample w/dipstick for blood, hemocult slide for rectal bleeding, vaginal exam?

Did you have a hematoma (blood filled cyst) in the perineal area that ruptured?

I'm stumped!
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Is this a quiz? I mean didn’t the doctors tell you?
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