My fiance has stage 4 colon cancer with liver and lung mestasis. He was dx in 2015 went thru chemo and stopped after 13 rounds.. Well to fast forward a bit the cancer was shrinking and after second bout of chemo he was put on a maintenance drug.. We had a ct scan 11/23 everything was fine he was told and so we were gonna stop the maintenance drug next appt. But he got sick @12/10... We thought it was a bug plus he felt constipated... So we waited and I noticed his stomach had swollen so we immediately went to the e.R. That's when my whole life was changed... They said he would welll die... So we accept that... But then we felt why not fight.. But no-one will help us... He don't want hospice.... We just want to get to the moffitt cancer center where a similar case was successful . The one insurance dropped his cancer dr. So we got new ins. When enrollment came... Since first one dropped dr.S after enrollment was up. We went through 2016 with no ins. Help(denials). Then we looked on moffitt site to see what ins. They accept and I chose humana gold plus.... Now we're seeing a silver lining right ... Wrong !!!!! Now we are here 2/19/2017 he is still here and all we want is a auth, to get to moffitt. So his new pcp says no! He don't like moffitt so I call humana to report him and they stand behind pcp... So I change pcp's problem solved right..... Wrong now new pcp says not in network so I call moffitt on speaker phone with pcp 2 and they tell him.... All you need is to auth. We have him registered with moffitt. But they won't give auth. Please help this dying vet..... Please can someone anyone help.

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All cancer centers are profit motivated. They will be happy to take your money, but none of them are dispensing miracles. At this point, you need a miracle.
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Try to get him to a center that is in network in the meantime. Work within the system you currently have for immediate care. It's a holiday weekend; unfortunately most insurance companies are closed tomorrow. Sorry you have to go through this especially since you tried your best checking doctors & care centers to try to pave the way for seamless care. Healthcare is a quagmire but we'll save that conversation for another day.
Hang in there! Get treatment/evaluation going and work with what you have. Best of luck to both of you.
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Yes, that is an issue. Most of the top rated cancer centers are just not covered by any insurance plans. Certainly not the preferred provider networks or HMOs.

I do not think there is a way to get him into that clinic without finding another way to pay.

I pray this country has single payer soon. Your story is far too common. No one should be denied life saving medical care because of is just obscene
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