Okay. My mom initially moved in with me. I was told by my older sister that I could only have $200 per week to bring in a caregiver due to my mom's special need situation. As a result, I got between 2 to 3 hours sleep per night and was so exhausted I got ill. My mom was moved to my sister's state. My sister demanded that I stay to $200 for full time caregiver (which I would not do, that's below minimum wage). My sister is spending $400+ per week! She has placed my mom in a dining room and there's no bathroom nearby. She told my mom that if she has to go, just use the depends. I am very upset at this. Sister's teen daughter has the lower bedroom with private bath. Mom in dining room. Older sister is also demanding to have complete control of mom's financial estate. I feel that I am losing the right to make sure my mom is cared for with integrity. All elders should have access to a bathroom overnight! $400 a week while telling me I could only use $200 per week? I'm upset!

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That is WRONG! Call Adult Protective Services! Sissy got an eyeful didn't she? She has to spend TWICE what you spent and she does a bad job and you did a good job.

Mom should be in the bedroom! My husband and I slept on a blow up bed in the living room for 6 months so my mom could have the bedroom/bathroom.

You're right. Integrity is the word and you have a right to be upset.

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