Can I be allowed to see him it was his dying wish. I've never heard of this happening

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Need more info. I was not allowed in my Dad's house after I smelled a rat. My dad was 84 when he remarried, she was 66 or 67. To make a long story short she managed to get him to make her POA. My dad always liked to go with his trailer and spend part of the winter at the various parks in Palm Springs. She thought it would be a good idea for him to make her POA in case something happened to him. Otherwise us boy's would have to go down there to bring home his body. They weren't married yet and she wouldn't have the power to do that herself. I didn't know what POA was and didn't give it much thought, but when I found out what kind of power it gave her it was to late. I don't know when my Dad got dementia, whether it was before or after they got married. I am now off the will along with my brother's and she was made trustee of our family trust. Many times my Dad fell while walking his dog, she walked with him once or twice a week, usually after a fall. We live in the same park and she'd act real nice to him and others after a fall. That would last for a day or 2, then he'd be out there by himself again scuffling along, until at the age of 90 he fell yet again. This time breaking his hip. She moved my dad 3 different times to different hospitals and care center's trying to hide him from us boy's. But I always found him. Her name was the only one on the hospital's family list. So we had no say in any matters. When I asked why he was losing so much weight I was told he wasn't eating or taking any medicines as he wanted it this way. I talked to a different Dr. about force feeding him and he said he couldn't. When I asked why he said he would be going against the families wish's. I said well I'm his son and I didn't wish for that. And he said his wife did and she is POA. So Sherrylee73 I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your M. in Law but I don't believe a nurse can do that and why wouldn't she tell you herself. And I did make my story short. Good Luck to You Sherrylee73. I do feel your pain.
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I'm sorry your father is on hospice. A nurse would have no power over your father unless she or he has been made guardian of your father. Could it be that step mom is telling you this in hopes you will not visit? Is there a reason why you would not be welcome in your fathers home? I hope you are able to work through this and be at peace with all concerned.
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