For the past year and a half my mother has been dealing with dementia. Two weeks ago she fell and had a nasty laceration. While in the ER she had a CT of the brain.The Doctor explained that there was more than the normal amount of fluid in her brain. They surmise that this most likely is contributing to the dementia abnormal gait and urinary incontinence. If this is something that occurs why aren't all dementia pt screened for this? Anyway she is scheduled for a spinal tap to see if drainage will help symptoms. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Twighlight- my mother sufferd a cerebreal aneurysm, which she survived. However, she then had hydrocephalus. When it first showed up, it was odd. When she wqs laying down, she rambled and made absolutely no sense. But if you had her sit up, she would be markedly improved. It was wierd. We pointed it out to her doctors. Within days, she had a shunt, which was very helpful. Good luck!
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Yes, unfortunately know all about this. Do an online search for NPH; there is quite a bit of info there. Abnormal gait and incontience are primary first symptoms and unfortunately, it is several years before a true diagnosis is discovered. When they do the spinal tap, if immediate improvement, and I do mean immediate, is seen in walking (incontinence may take a bit longer) that is usually a good indication that the permanent shunt/drain will be effective. It all really depends on patients' age and other medical issues. Just be sure you have a really good neurologist who is very in the know about NPH. I wish you well!
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