My Dad has non-motor Parkinson’s with Dementia. He is in SN for therapy after breaking hip then 10 days later breaking femur on same leg. His confusion so much worse it’s been a month and still confused lost 20 pounds can’t hardly do any therapy because blood pressure drops low. He eats but doesn’t feed himself because scared he will aspirate so he is on thickened food. He suffers from sundowners that’s why I finally decided he would do good in Memory care wasn’t there 48 hours and fell and broke hip then 10 days later at another facility broke femur same leg because he could comprehend that he couldn’t get up by himself without assistance in which when awake still doesn’t comprehend that he cannot get up by himself. Dad before the hip break had never used walker or wheelchair and was mostly confused in evening with the sundowners but always walked like pacing. I don’t know what to do now it seems like they facility just wants him in the bed all the time so they don’t have to worry with him. If he lays down not as confused if sits up blood pressure drops and is very confused and hallucinations begin. He was diagnosed about a year ago and it’s been down hill since neurologist said he has progressed fast and docs seem to do nothing? Does that mean there is nothing to do now or what. I would love to hear from someone who has seen this with Parkinson’s. I feel as though I am going crazy. Very overwhelmed with trying to get help for my dad. I am consumed by this and helping dad or just knowing for sure there is nothing I can do anymore. I have fought hard over the last year but I feel as though not getting anywhere.

your help is very appreciated

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Unfortunately it’s true Daddygirl2. There is no cure and Parkinson’s is a terribly progressive disease.

Ask his doctor there what your father’s orders are for getting out of bed. The doctor could have an order that he (your father) shouldn’t get OOB unless his blood pressure is at a certain level and doesn’t drop when he transfers from bed to chair. Re-reading your post states that’s what happens a lot - he drops his blood pressure.

Imagine the pain of breaking a hip and then the femur. Maybe your father is refusing to get out of the bed due to pain?

This is hard I know but it may be time to discuss hospice with dad’s PCP, and dad too. Have you ever talked about his “end of life”plan with him? Your father may just be tired as well & may just opt out of aggressive care.
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No cure for your Dad. Just maybe medicate the symptoms. He has broken a hip and then a femure because he does not realize he cannot get up without falling. So he is bed bound. I really don't see what the staff can do. They are not allowed to restrain him in a wheelchair. There are other residents who need attention and care. An aide turns to attend another resident just at the time Dad feels he can get up. The aides fault, no. Dads fault, no. Its how it is and if making sure he doesn't fall means he is bedbound then thats what needs to be done.

Everytime Dad goes under for these breaks, it effects his Dementia. Makes it worse. Literally, things can happen overnight. My boss called it an episode.
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Daddygirl2 Feb 2019
Oh wow? Ahh Thanks?
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