Anyone used non-hospice palliative care? -

Anyone used non-hospice palliative care?


My mom has a few terminal illnesses and is moving toward the end of her life. She is not anywhere near active dying, but slowly losing mobility, overall stregnth, problem solving etc.

I feel like there are so many decisions that need to be made, options that I don't know about and quite honestly I'm sad and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to make the end of her life most comfortable.

What are your experiences?

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My sympathies to 1tired, I feel your pain. It sounds like she is already getting hospice type care, which looks appropriate. Just keep her as comfortable as possible, especially the pain meds; inject them if she can't swallow them. If she stops eating, feeding tubes don't really help, because the digestive system is shutting down. Hold her hand, talk softly and share the good memories. At the end, touching is so important, so craved, so comforting.
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Mom's NH calls in comfort care. They do anything that keeps her comfortable and cared for but no CPR feeding tubes etc. If she fell and needed a bone set, she would be sent to the hospital, but there will be no heroic measures taken. If she stops eating (has happened several times) they just offer often but will not force the issue, same with meds. She had a massive stroke 3 years ago and several smaller ones since then. She was put on palliative care about a year ago.There is really no hope for recovery at this point. She cannot walk, stand eat, bathe or anything else on her own. She is awake and aware about 5-10 min a day at this point. Sad
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We got the VNA (visiting nurses association) to come to the house. They did an assessment and gave mom OT, PT and RN's twice a week. The health insurance company also suggested Home Connections for palliative care. Ask your Mom's doctor if he can recommend someone in your area.
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What type of palliative care are you considering. My mother is seeing a geriatric specialist who specializes in palliative care. Her new doctor seems to be very good. We are just trying to maintain the status quo as much as possible, though I know my mother's condition will deteriorate in the next couple of years. We are not actively battling anything.

Are you considering bringing a care team into the home or just going to a doctor who specializes in palliative care. Personally I feel palliative care is the best way to go for most people who are near the ends of their lives, but I feel the final decision should be left to the patient (within reason). What does your mother want to do?
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