Can they (3 boys) evict me? Can they sell the house when my name is on deed too? They are making plans, hiring builder to buy.

Not if ur on the deed. All of you have to agree to the sale. You could buy them out. You may need a lawyer to protect your 4th. Start looking for a good one now. Don't wait till the you need one. Consults maybe free.
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It sounds like there are several factors at work here but I don't feel like I have a handle on all of the details. Based on what I think I understand though what your brothers can or can't do depends on how the deed reads. Especially if there is no will or any other legal documents that lay out your parent's wishes at the time the deed was put in your names. The words "and" & "or" can make a big difference when it comes to deeds and titles. The care-giving facts may mean nothing legally but the best advice I think I can give you is to consult an attorney or at least a neutral 3rd party who has legal knowledge and experience in this area. A legal expert in elder care and estates ideally. If a private attorney isn't affordable for you look for free or lower cost services through the Agency in your area for Elderly assistance. But do be aware that there is a difference between legal advice for your mom/family and legal advice watching out for your interest specifically.
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Daughters12345, I assume that your Mom is still being cared for by you? Once she passes, and depending on State laws, your Mom's estate may or may not need to go into Probate where a Probate Judge will decide who gets the assets. It also depends on Mom's net worth.

If all 4 children are on the Deed then each of you own 25% of the house. If your brothers want you to leave, then they would need to "buy you out" for your fair share of the house, a licensed Appraiser would be needed to get the fair market price of the house. Is Mom's name also on the Deed?

Is the Deed recorded at the Court House?

If Mom is still there, there may come a time where she needs a higher level of care, thus Medicaid will be involved if she cannot be self-pay for a nursing home. If the change of the names on the Deed were made within 5 years, Medicaid can still maintain that the house only belongs to your Mom.
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