We have Christmas decorations, and some things we need to store but this new apartment has no storage. We are downsizing from a big rented house. We are elderly me and my mom. Thank you

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We moved from a large house into manufactured housing and storage in minimal here, too. Actually, at first blush it looked like there was a lot, but most of it is inaccessible. Too-deep cupboards. Too-high shelves. Lots of storage above the garage in the attic, but getting the steps down out of the ceiling is terrifying because I keep thinking of what happened to Chevy Chase in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.

I have been very spartan in what I’ve kept. I kept only my favorite Christmas Decorations and other seasonal stuff that’s in storage 10 months a year. Got rid of lots of clothes. Dumped pots and pans I don’t use. Kitchen stuff was the most difficult. I like gadgets and had to steel myself to sell or donate a lot. It’s a work in progress, but after 8 years, I’m almost there! 😜
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I feel your pain! We recently moved to a much smaller apartment. Our bedroom doesn't have enough room for a dresser. So I bought a bed frame that we could use (without the box spring) that has about 16 inches of space underneath. We use bins that slide out easily as our dresser drawers. You can also research captains beds or bedframes that have drawers. We have one very dinky (coat closet sized) closet. So we installed a closet rod over the washer and dryer to give us more hanging clothes space.

Pinterest is filled with storage ideas for small spaces. Also, if you are in the US and have an Ikea store nearby, they are fun to wander through and get ideas. If you don't, see if you can get one of their catalogs. I think you can request one on their website. I can't remember if you can download it or view it online.

I store some things at my parents, they live close by. So I rotate our seasonal clothes. And I have learned that we can live with much less regarding clothes(do I really NEED three dozen pairs of socks? Not here, where the climate is mild!)

The Thoreau quote seared into my brain and written on my fridge...

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify -

Hope this helps,
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I've done that before. It's a pain, but, I have rented a storage unit before. The one that I got was pretty close to my apartment, so, I could run over to it when needed. Still, it's not ideal. You might check to see if the complex has any space for storage. One place that I had let me use an attic area for my Christmas decorations at no charge.

I later just really downsized and gave away a lot of large items. I found that we could do just fine with a smaller tree and some nice things to sit out for the holidays. I found that a festive colored tablecloth and some battery operated candles were just perfect and I didn't have so much stuff to contend with. Clothes don't do well in storage, imo, so, I packed my seasonal clothes in my suitcase and stored it in my closet. You can also get plastic storage bins that will slide under the bed. You can get ottomans that hold storage too. Stuff I hadn't worn in years, I donated to a women's shelter and it was very much appreciated. It felt really good to purge a lot of stuff to me.
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