No money. What are we supposed to do? -

No money. What are we supposed to do?


My father has been in a nursing home for 2 years and has yet to be approved for Medicaid. He has some long term care insurance but that is about to run out. My sisters and I cannot afford to pay for his care and his retirement income is not enough to pay for his needs as well as our mother's who still lives in their house. What are we supposed to do?

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Catlover, when you apply for Medicaid, they will have no interest in impoverishing your mother. She will be allowed to keep enough of their income to maintain her life. She will be able to continue to live in their house. If your father owns the house jointly with her, then I imagine a lien will be put on the house if your mother should vacate it or die. If the two of them have been making this far on the money they had coming in, then all should be fine. The Medicaid people will help you to understand about what money can be kept by the community spouse. I hope that he is approved for Medicaid soon, since his insurance is running out.
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