I am an 83-year-old woman, extremely sharp, living in assisted living facility. I use an electric wheelchair, or walker for very short distances, due to spinal problems, but I do drive and go out to eat by myself at least once or twice a week. I am extremely mentally sharp - still have two jobs I love: Power of Attorney to two friends and President of my own animal rescue organization (local to international). In my spare time, I go swimming and take college courses on line. People in this facility almost all have mental issues or are extremely old and feeble. Impossible to make any friendships as a result. I am very lonely except for my cat. There are no local activities for people like me. All my friends have passed away. I have no living family. What can I possibly do to enrich my life? I don't have much time but I would give anything to have some people to talk to on a higher intellectual level about all kinds of topics. There are no activities here except for those with grammar school level minds (not for me). Any suggestions? If I had room, I'd go back to art but my studio apartment constraints does not allow for that. H E L P. Do others feel as I do? I have just about given up for good.

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Tutor those in school -elementary, high school, college level.
Volunteer at the library
Contact AARP in your area to see if they are aware of any activities that suit your interest.
Check with your local Volunteer Bureau -I just checked mine and there are tons of stimulating positions that could lead to future friendships.
You are indeed lucky to be blessed with the health, vitality and desire to live a richly rewarding life. Best wishes to you!
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Dear Riley,

I admire you for wanting to stay engaged and active. I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of your friends and family. It is hard to carry on without dear friends and family, but you have shown us all how strong you are. I think you are already enriching your life with all the activities you participate in.

I've heard of some programs where schools connect youngster with seniors. They do Face Time and are able to communicate like a mentorship program. I wonder if there is program director at the assisted living facility who can connect you with more resources.

Since my father passed away, I do find it challenging to keep myself occupied. I personally have tried cooking classes, painting classes, going to the movies, and reading. I know I should be doing more. I think the sky is the limit. If you have an interest in anything, I would just look online and pursue it.

Thank you for making me smile today with your positive attitude.
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Riley2166, I am impressed at all that you do already :)

Depending on how far away a local hospital is located to you, they love to have volunteers. I've been volunteering for decades at the front information desk. And I have a desk mate, and we enjoy our Saturday morning "chats" about everything in the world and occasionally politics. My parents did this same type of volunteering for 30 some years, and once they were unable to continue, I am now in their time slot.
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Aw Riley, first off welcome to Aging Care. If you want intellectual stimulation this is a great place to start. There are lots of very wise, intelligent people on here for sure. This site has some great threads where people talk about all kinds of things. There are a few threads where people talk about aging care but quite often it turns into a conversation about general topics as well. The whine thread, caregivers behaving badly thread (tongue in cheek title), my favorite things thread, what's for dinner thread, just to name a few. Once you learn to navigate this site you will find them and then, don't be shy. Just join in the conversation.

I definitely understand cause my own Mother had to be in a nursing home when her mind was still fairly sharp. But she had no peers to speak of there. It hastened her death I feel.

You are smart to want to keep being intellectually stimulated. I'm sure more people will answer your inquiry with some great ideas.
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