I left my job of 12 years to come stay with my Mom who has dementia. I have no help I am here 24/7 My sister and brother live right beside her and never vist I have always been a Black sheep of the family so I saw Mom needed someone so I saw this as a chance to get closer to Mom and my family Mom has nothing left to give me and I don't want anything But my sister and Brother never talk it is all over what one got and the other didn't I am stuck right in the middle of all of this I don't know what to do It is really starting to be to much... Mom cries all the time because they never stop by She lived her life only caring about them I want to stay and be here for her I know she loves me but its not the same as her love for my sister ( my sister is my half sister ) My Mom remarried when I was 16 I don't know what to do I have talked to them but it hasn't helped Please give me some advice There is a lot more I could tell but it would take all day I hope this gives enough so I can get some advice Thank You

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Are you wanting advice on how to get your siblings to pitch in more and help with your mom? Unfortunately, if they don't want to there's nothing you can do to make them want to participate in the care of your mom. If you are the only caregiver for your mom you need some help. Is your mom is a position financially to hire some part-time in-home caregiving services so that the burden isn't completely on you? Maybe a few hours a week that would give you time to do what you want and need to do to stay sane and healthy.

As for family shenanigans try to stay out of them as much as possible. Just don't engage in family squabbles. Being a caregiver is difficult enough without being pulled down by family stuff. What's done is done and no amount of talking is going to change that. Withdraw from family drama and you'll be much better off.
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