My Dad has advanced AD. He stays in his room at night and up to a few months ago had been using a urinal at his bedside. Now he just wets the bed, big time! I know in my heart that he doesn't get the concept of changing them when they are wet. But I do know that he is sensitive about wearing them or at least he was in the past. Truthfully I'm really getting burnt out doing laundry. Top sheet ,bottom sheet, blankets. He pulls off the chux I put on the bed, both the fabric ones and the disposable ones. Do I have to suck it up and let him do it his way? I really do like the fact that he sleeps all night. At least for now. Any advice is appreciated.

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You can't offer him a choice. At bedtime you help put on the Depends.
You can no more reason with him than you can a toddler who is not potty trained.
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Get a plastic sheet to protect the mattress, then a padded matress protector. Before your dad goes to sleep put a padded ugh I don't know what it's called. It is a towel which has a plastic backing. It's good size so it should cover any accident. This way you only wash the towel. We have a medical supply store, but check up top the elder care, they probably have everything I am talking about for sale on online.

Next have your Doctor prescribe Flomax. You take it once a day, it shrinks a man's prostrate. It takes a month to have a full effect. My Dad kicked and screamed about taking it, but I insisted, depends or pill. It increases the flow of urine, so you don't have to make so many trips to bathroom, and the accidents or leakage as my dad says goes way down. Good luck
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"Dad, the doctor recommended that we try these nightie underpants. Just in case you don wake up when you have to pee. It'll save me a lit of laundry!" Said in a matter of fact and non apologetic or judgmental way. It's worth a shot.

At one point, my mom was having fecal incontinence , terribly humiliated by it. I prepped her doc about the problem, and when I brought it up at the visit he said " oh, you just get some of those nice soft Depends, you know, just in case. Peace of mind, you know". Mom asked me to get them for her, quite casually, the next day.
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