My mom (widow, 70) is on Medicare and lives in Assisted Living (paid for by LTC insurance, for about another year). I didn't even know until today that it's possible to be in Medicare and Medicaid at the same time; she's never been on Medicaid. I'm wondering if dual membership would be beneficial to her - I don't understand what Medicaid will provide her that Medicare will not. Can someone explain that to me? Some info that might be helpful...

She doesn't have large assets, but does have more cash than the $2000 Medicaid asset maximum.

After her LTC funds are exhausted (in about a year), she'll be paying out of pocket for her Assisted Living rent. I expect her personal funds would be depleted before she passes away, and eventually she may need to "graduate" to a nursing home which I understand are even more expensive.

She gets a good amount from SS monthly, which will go toward that assisted living rent.

Again I'm just wanting to know what she'd get out of being on Medicaid, if it would be worth it to apply, etc.

Feel free to talk to me like I'm a 6-year-old in your reply haha!

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Medicaid is health insurance for the very poor.

Some States have Medicaid "waiver" programs which allow folks who are above the poverty level of income and assets to have access to some benefits of Medicaid.

Nursing Home Medicaid is different from Community Medicaid ( which is for folks who remain in their homes).

You should ask the business office at the AL if they accept Medicaid after a period of LTC and private pay.
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