Is Medicaid from NY accepted in Texas or do I need to re-apply for it all over again now that I am the sole caregiver for my older sister who has Alzheimer's. We have recently moved to Houston, TX. I have a NY Power of Attorney for her. Is it valid and accepted here in Texas ? She is on Medicaid In NY. Is that accepted for health care here in Texas ?

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Really make your life easier and get all new legal done in TX. Get everything updated.....the DPOA, MPOA, a codicil to her will, etc. Banks hate out of state legal & they like other places want to see the TX notary seal. If your banking group is in both states (like Chase, Wells), that's not so much an issue though.

You will need to change ID and drivers licenses to TX - this is done at TXDOT & go EARLY with the still valid old state ID or licens and at least 2 items that show your name at the new address. Google TXDOT to see exactly what's needed. These should be service providers like water co, time Warner cable, lease agreement , tax assessor bill that show your name. You cannot do it for your sister either, she has to be there in person. If she doesn't have items to show she lives at the address, you use the DPOA but TXDOT likely won't accept the NYS DPOA. Did I mention go early...TXDOT offices are usually teeming with folks, long waits, chaotic. If Sissys ALz is at the point where she has to be constantly looked over, I'd suggest you go to TXdot with all your paperwork the day before to make sure all in order for hers & find staff & the security guard who will be there the next day so you can " speed pass" on sissys ID. I did this for my mom, everbody all helpful, she got a chair to sit next to a highway patrolman who helped her get the photo done. You want sissy to get the forever ID too.

TxDADS will need to be contacted for you to apply for TX Medicaid for Sissy. You may find that TX programs are not as generous in the range of what is routinely provided within Medicaid for NYS.

Another thought on the legal, if your legal was done by an attorney in NYS call their office for an referral attorney in TX - this could cut down fees significantly. A lot of attorneys hold licenses in multiple states, it could be your NY guy has a partner or associate with TX license who can easily do the new ones.
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Any time you move from one State to another another, check with an Elder Law attorney to see if your New York Power of Attorney is accepted in Texas.

As for Medicaid, you will need to re-apply as each State has their own rules and regulations.
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