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The button is green but the box surround is blue.

Turquoise-y green and duck egg blue, I'd say, getting all artistic and just to add to the confusion. But it is calming, easy on the eye and much less shouty than you get on many websites. My compliments to the designers :)
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Welcome, Pandabear!

To reply to a post, look for the words "Post Answer" in a light blue rectangle. To the left of them is a field you can type a reply in. The words "Answer Here" appear in a faint type in the field you can type in.

When you've typed your reply to your satisfaction, click on the light blue "Post Answer" rectangle.
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gladimhere Feb 16, 2019
Snoopy, your Post Answer button is blue? Mine is green. Maybe it is a matter of perception or device being used. Interesting.

Thanks for helping Panda.
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