New to in-home care, looking for suggestions.


My mother-in-law is caring for my father-in law at home with early Alzheimer's and is looking for relief for when she needs to go out or travel. What is available in your area for this type of need. Also, if finances are an issue, what type of free services might be available as well or how can one determine if they are eligible for free services? My mother-in-law is not in a position emotionally to pursue this information and has asked me to. Thanks for your help.

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Some of the memory care facilities in our area offer respite care. Some are minimum of 3 days and some are 7 days. Check around
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Rarely will you find free services. If the family can’t help, you can hire and private pay for care from agencies.
Unfortunately not much is truly “free”, someone pays somehow.
Church members if your in laws have a congregation they are part of?
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And on top of all the wonderful advice, I would suggest getting people to get groceries and do light house keeping. I wish I would have known that, but you learn as you go.
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Your MIL might check with her Area Agency on Aging to see what resources are available in her area. They could arrange a needs assessment.
Generally speaking, from what I’ve read on this site, most of the help one gets comes from family. It’s very important that MIL get regular breaks and time away. This is a hard job as I’m sure you’ve already witnessed.
Many people place their loved ones in Assisted living and then memory care as needs increase. This is expensive and if your inlaws don’t have the funds to self pay, help your MIL look into Medicaid for when he meets the health requirements. He must meet both health and financial requirements to qualify.
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