80% blind. In wheelchair, dislocated knee not fixable. I have no help I am alone. No money for nursing home. Barely can pay mortgage. I am resenting her and always yelling. I am exhausted. Are my feelings normal or selfish? I have had enough. Don't want to feel this way. Cry all the time.

Cindy, yes your feelings are absolutely normal. You are burned out and need help. And help is out there. Please let us know what country/state you’re in and the posters here can give you more advice. Do you have power of attorney? What does your Moms doctor say...would he agree she needs 24 hour care? Do you live in her house, or does she live in yours?
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Cindy, pull yourself together as much as possible and access google on whatever you use for internet. Research help in your area, be It in US or not. Plug in “help for Seniors” or something similar. It’s not quick and it can be frustrating but it’s somethjng you need to do to find help. If you are in the US you can call your local Area Agency on Aging for help.
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Are you in the US? If so there is Medicaid for LTC. If Moms income is only SS (maybe a pension) and she falls under the cap allowed you may have no problem getting her placed. There's also Medicaid homecare if Mom qualifies. Your income is not looked at. Only Moms.
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