New symptoms? -

New symptoms?


Hi. While at the nursing home 2 days ago, I noticed my father (92) wasn't sucking on the straw when I was giving him his drink. I had to say "SUCK" and he'd do it a couple times then stop. Then... after I fed him, I noticed he was moving his mouth and I saw food in between his lips. It took a few minutes but I got him to spit out what was in his mouth... he had not swallowed all of his food. This is the first time I've seen this with him. Also, he used to clean his plate but now he is down to about almost half. He likes his ice cream though and puddings.



Thank you for the replies.  I've spoken to the speech therapist at the NH and they have changed his diet to pureed foods.  I'm going to talk to her today about the liquids...  they haven't thickened those but yesterday he was choking on ginger ale so I will mention it.

I was told that this pretty much means he has entered the 'end stage/advanced stage'.  : (
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He may need soft food now. The elderly lose the ability to swallow. I would bring this to the DONs attention.
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OK. I will do that.
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Please get in touch with the therapy department  at the NH and ask how you can arrange for a speech therapist to do a swallow study.

He may need pureed foods and thickened liquids in order to prevent aspiration.
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