Right now I do my MIL's meds. She has moderate dementia and needs a timed pill dispenser.

I was at her apartment a few days ago and saw that she had missed 3 doses in the past 4 days. [I can't be there every day, but do call to remind her about taking her pills...she hangs up on me]

I returned two days ago to add some meds I'd picked up. I had trouble with the lid and from her chair she reached over and tried to hand me a nail file, said it would open it. I didn't think anything at the time as I have a 'key' that 'locks' it. I took care of what I needed to do and went back to take care of my husband at the farm.

I returned yesterday to refill the whole dispenser and noted that the missing doses were gone.

I got home and started to chuckle. Clever Old Lady. Even with moderate ALZ she has figured out how to bust into her pill dispenser. I tried it with a nail file and was able to unlock it and open the lid. How clever she is!

She was originally hospitalized for taking her meds incorrectly and falling. That is how the dementia was discovered.

I noted this for the Social Worker and dropped her an email.

My husband with his conditions can no longer be her DPOA, the SIL resigned because she doesn't want the responsibility. MIL will be in court on Wednesday and will have a guardian.

MIL hides her mail behind her trash can so I can't get her bills paid, she hides her diapers in a closet so no one knows she uses them...the soiled ones...

Anyway, like I said, the woman is very clever. And she will tell you she has no dementia and she is going to court to have it reversed and going to the doctor to get her mind back.

Moments like these are cause for some mild alarm, yet I have to smile inside.

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Think about it, they are like children.
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yes!! my mom always has very good excuses for why she doesn't remember something. its like she is protecting her dignity  :o)
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One needs to look back and laugh at how clever some elders can be, or the strange excuses they can give for doing something or not doing something :))
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Yeah, someone was asking if someone with dementia can learn new things and I told them yes, but it is usually something you'd rather they didn't!
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