My mother lives in a retirement community in FL. I moved here eight years ago to be near her and my dad, who was Ill and passed away in 2008. I am an only child and in between working full time and caring for my own children, I have cared for my mom, 90. The neighbors in her Bldg have seen me take her shopping, to movies, for haircuts, to doctors, etc on a regular basis (I am in outside sales and have taken many hours off each week to help her). She never really socialized with her neighbors as she had my dad and her sister in the same building, but the both passed within 10 months of each other. When my dad died and my mom was lonely, I used to tell her to ring a neighbor's doorbell or invite them in for coffee. She always refused and told me that she didn't like them because they were so nosey. Mom has since become mean, hateful and accusatory towards me, will no longer let me in her home or answer my calls, However, the neighbors who she did not like, are now her so-called friends. She is ringing their doorbells and telling them that I am stealing and trying to "put her away". I can't believe that they can believe her, but apparantly they do, since they helped her call a lawyer and the police. I have been told that they do so because they, too, are elderly and fear the same, but should I worry about this? Can they get me into ant kind of trouble with the law for accusing me of things that I have not done. How can I protect myself?

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Sorry to hear you are going thru all this & you've only been trying to help.
I would suggest u get a lawyer/& or paralegal. Did u get a copy of the Police Report, if not u need to do that to see what it says? Just being ACCUSED of something CAN get u in trouble. It's crazy but that's how it works. Yr Mom could accuse u of Domestic Abuse & thats serious, even though u didnt do that.
Also if u can I would get copies of all her Dr. visits, & future visits. You also which might be difficult now is to get POA power of attorney, but I think she has to agree to it..., too bad u didn't get that earlier But yes definately see a Paralegal/or Atty you do need to protect yourself fm possible false allegations & her neighbors could cause you problems, & it sounds like they hv already influenced yr Mom Does yr Mom hv a Pastor & or Dr. she trusts?? maybe the 2 of you could utilize that also sounds like nothing to much in Police Report but next time there could be & Police can Arrest u on the spot! So u need to do something to protect yourself.....Hope this info helps take a deep breath & then get busy with above mentioned suggestions. :)
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