My 90 year old neighbor has a mentally challenged 57 yr old son. She keeps getting paperwork for Medicaid etc.

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Renee - is this something you would & could help her with? If so, I'd start with separating those that are federal (Medicare & SS & SSDI) and those that are state (medicaid, TANF, food stamps) to read & see what has deadlines.

Or it is more the situation where both of them need help in getting both their applications done? 90 could still be plenty sharp but overwhelmed & quite different than a 90 yr old with mid stage dementia.

Personally if you cannot become her DPOA and take on becoming her surrogate daughter, I'd try to contact her other children and all nieces & nephews via a Xmas card as to her situation. You do & xerox a note for her to include & then you & her sit and and address them & you mail them for her. Hopefully family comes forward to become her point person, DPOA, MPOA, etc for them both.

I bet she's getting new compliance forms due to his age. Some programs & what is available changes once their over 55. Like for some conditions they can get special status Medicare (& not wait till their 65)

If family doesn't or she is totally adverse to doing notes to family, then I'd suggest you contact your local Area on Aging & speak with someone in the ombudsman program on your neighbors behalf. This site has a drop down link to the AOAs as well! AOA are part of the Council of Governments which exists in all states. Some states have several (like TX has about a dz COGS) while other states just one....COGS are regional planning & clearinghouse bodies that deal with programs that get federal, state & other funding. The cogs do planning, match ups & funding oversight. Its your tax $$ at work and they provide most services for free.

You are a wonderful person to do this for her. Good luck.
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