No family in area. 84 yr old neighbor lady with dementia had a knife and police were called. She is in the hospital in a locked unit for 72 hrs. She has a daughter but she is estranged from her & has been for years. We have no way to contact her. A neighbor plans to go in and clean the womans home. We are concerned that some things could go missing.. Do I call the social worker at the hospital and explain the situation and ask her to do something or do I contact the authorities? This women recently told people she has put a down payment on the elderly womans mobile home (intending to buy it) and will move in when the woman is admitted to a long term care facility. I have tried to explain the 5 yr medicaid look back rule but they think they are exempt. I just think that things should be left alone until the elderly womans future has been decided. I have known her for years but due to her dementia she has isolated herself from everyone except the lady buying the home.

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I would put a bug in the social worker's ear. You're not sure what kind of an arrangement your neighbor may have with this lady so calling the police may be overkill. But out of concern I think a call to the social worker would be the best course to take.

As for the 5 year look back rule for Medicaid when I began the process on behalf of my dad Medicaid never did do a 5 year look back. We were on tenterhooks waiting for it but it never happened. He was eventually approved.
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