Needing to terminate Tiffany & O'Shea as legal guardian. Any suggestions?


This company has been a complete nightmare, denying every request for 10 months. Even after getting the OK from my long standing psychiatric doctor they still denied moving costs & train ticket to get to a cheaper living area where someone would put me up. So I lost everything, having to leave all belongings behind. To this day they have denied every request up until recently when the year review was about to be sent out I was allowed a bed & couch. I handed him the exact item & contact information and he still managed to rack up $300 in fees at $115/hr. at the annual report there is an additonal $1100 missing. They know of the issues of situations then and current troubles, they acknowlege them yet still refuse to appropriately help. This company has had major issues in the past. They are not fit to serve as gaurdians. I need to know how to terminate Tiffany & O'Shea as legal guardian. I consider them fraudulent and neglectful. I am very low income making only $815 on disability. The contract I was forced to sign in the back seat of a dark vehicle and was not allowed to read it even despite my request to do so. What can I do? I reported the missing funds to my father... he was very narcissistic & is backing up the company again with this behavior. I fear that now the trust company is starting to ignore me again now as they did when I was homeless on the streets of Portland OR. They obviously aren't fit to be gaurdians. I've been on dissability since 2008 and have never needed anyone to act as payee.



I would suggest though that you contact the court that appointed the company as guardian and ask how to file a motion to remove the company. Assuming it was court appointed, I think only the court can remove it.
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I also am confused, but I'm also very concerned about the public naming of a guardian and the public disparagement. I'm not challenging it; I have no way of knowing one way or another what the capabilities of this company are. But I am concerned that you've posted public criticisms and allegations of this company, laying the groundwork if they choose for a slander action.

Posts here are linked to Google, and sooner or later anyone who searches for that firm will likely see this post and your criticism. It's not the issue of what the firm or hasn't done; it's that you've publicly made allegations against the firm.

Please use the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page and ask the admins to remove the name of the guardian, for your sake and for that of whoever is the ward.
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Tyler, I am not clear about who is the person that needs the Guardian? Are you the person who needs a Guardian?

Something doesn't sound right when you wrote "The contract I was forced to sign in the back seat of a dark vehicle and was not allowed to read it even despite my request to do so." Usually such legal paperwork is done at an office in front of a notary.

If you can give us more clearer explanations when maybe we can offer advice.
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