Needing guidance with assisted living (State of Illinois) for Mom (dementia / alzheimer's) who is on a very limited monthly income. -

Needing guidance with assisted living (State of Illinois) for Mom (dementia / alzheimer's) who is on a very limited monthly income.


We are just beginning the process of sourcing out an assisted living facility for my 84 year old Mother who suffers from alzheimer's / dementia. The challenge is, Where do we begin? Mom is on a very fixed income, clearly not enough money to pay the monthly fees that most of these assisted living facilities charge, i.e., my sister in laws Father is going to be moving into one in the Joliet, IL area, which will cost $6000.00 per month. Mom only gets $2000.00 from SS. I understand that the state helps as well, however, I do not understand the process, as I have been told so many different things, from family and friends, which are all conflicting.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you... G

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Lynn seems to live in NV, but is asking about IL. In any case, the process is similar.
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Agree totally with Jeanne. It IS complicated, so you start by calling the local AAA (you're in NV, yes? and getting a "needs assessment". You think that your mom needs Assisted Living; someone who has some expertise in this area assesses her skills in taking care of herself on her own (ADLs--activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, grooming), safety awareness and the like, and makes a recommendation for say, Memory Care, AL, Independent Living, NH.

In retrospect, I WISH that we had done this step first. Mom had a brief and disastrous sojourn to a nice AL where we had other family members living. It was too much help of the wrong kind. We were able to get mom into a nicer Independent Living facility (cost MORE than AL, go figure) but it was the right kind of help.

You might also consider using some of mom's funds to consult with a certified Elder Care attorney who is familiar with Medicaid in Mom's state.
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Type (copy/paste)
Illinois HCBS Medicaid Waiver for Supportive Living Facilities - Financial Support for Assisted Living
into Google search box to start the self-education process! And best wishes to you. This really, really shouldn't be as complicated as it is!
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Many states have Medicaid programs that cover Assisted Living. That doesn't mean all Assisted Living Facilities in that state accept Medicaid. In some cases they will accept Medicaid after a resident has been there as private pay for a certain length of time, such as 2 years. How long would your mother's savings and assets last in paying for ALF? If she can get through the private pay period, maybe Medicaid would then kick in, assuming we still have Medicaid by then.

As you look at facilities, when you find likely ones ask about their policy regarding accepting Medicaid. Definitely don't wait until Mom's money runs out and then ask!
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Start with your local Area Agency on Aging. You find them on your County's website.  Is your county listed below?

Nevada Area Agencies on Aging
about Area Agencies on Aging | Local Providers

Division for Aging Services, Carson City 3416 Goni Road, Building D, Carson City, NV 89706 775-687-4210
Division for Aging Services, Elko 1010 Ruby Vista Drive, Suite 104, Elko, NV 89803 775-738-1966
Division for Aging Services, Las Vegas 1860 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-486-3545
Division for Aging Services, Reno 445 Apple Street, Suite 104, Reno, NV 89502 775-688-2964
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