What do I need to know about wages and pay before caregiving for a friend?

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I have a friend who has her Mom living with her and she did have a caregiver coming over but all of a sudden they tell her her mom no longer qualifies for assistance. they never even came in to her house to do an assessment. myself do not understand why she doesn't qualify. she really needs the help. my main question is this I am a CNA and shes wanting me to just come do it. but we need to know what we need to get started mainly on the my wages ands who pays. and she in need of a few things around here to make it easier on her and safer

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Who is they? Home care is ordered by an MD. So are "a few things". Medicare will only cover 60 days after a hospital visit. After that the care is either Medicaid Waiver or totally out of pocket. You need a written contract of exactly what services you provide, with a guarantee of payment. Do not accept the job with a handshake and a kiss. Make them sign on the line.
Your wage is something you and the person hiring you come to an agreement on. The person that hires you pays you.
Get it in writing and don't cut yourself short. Maybe put in a clause that you will re-evaluate wages after a trial period(3 months), as you may find things are much worse than what you bargained for.
You need to talk to a tax accountant about whether you can do this on a 1099 as an independent contractor or if the family who hires you needs to do social security, etc.
I agree. There r homecare agencies that bill Medicare. A critria hasto be met. Once it isn't medicare won't pay. Check around with private agencies on what they charge for CNA. Take into account they get their share. There isa program that will pay for a caretakerof ur choice. Should check office of aging.
I think the pay depends on what state you live in. I think the cost of living can be different.
You definitely need a contract, one that covers all the bases, not just pay. You want to cover the hours you're expected to work, what your duties will be, what if you need time off or are sick, who pays Social Security (If you , then you'll be considered an independent contractor and for tax purposes you'll want to keep good records of hours worked and any other compensation or expenses you'll have). Who will pay for gas and wear and tear on your car if you don't use theirs when going shopping, to Dr. Appointments and the like. Who's going to pay for the things you say she needs now to help her out... etc, etc, etc...

Start now on coming up with a list of things you'll want to address in the contract. Once you get the list written, post it in here and let many experienced eyes look it over and give advice. Then once you have that you can discuss it with your friend (and her mom if she's cognitive...she'll appreciate being included in the negotiations), and then from there write it all up into a contract and have it signed by all parties.

This can be done, but only with very careful planning and clear lines drawn on both sides. Otherwise it could mean the loss of a good friend and that would be very sad.

Good Luck!
I had to find and Elderly Law attorney to draw up a written contract. Its a pain cause # it costs money. and # 2 they want you to keep a daily long of what you do all day.. whether its homemaking.. health service or financial and home maintence.. all are different pay rates.. How do put down.. making lunch while hold with the insurance company.. seriously ??
You can draw up your own contract, but be sure it's got all the bases covered. As long as it's signed by all parties, it's legal and binding. Using an Elder Law attorney, however, will give you the added benefit of their skills and experience and might cover some area's you didn't think to cover so could be worth the added money. It might be a requirement if the family is going to get medicaid for their mom. Check in your state to see if this is so.
Thats fine, its just like hiring someone from care website etc but she pays from her mothers money if she is DPOA. Just have her pay you by check and give you a 1099 at the end of the year so you can pay your own taxes (unless she wants to take them out). There are contracts online stating what you will do, your pay, and that you are your own contractor providing this service, and will pay your own taxes. It also states that you are responsible for your own well being with your own insurance, etc. I find my own CNA's online, have them sign it to cover myself, and never had a problem. Your friend however, needs to keep track of everything down to the penny on paper with receipts. No one gets free care that I know of, Ive been using my Moms money for respite for me and keep track of it all. I also spend over $500 every 10 weeks for her supplies. She is under 2k a month so its tight but we never got anything for free.My Mom qualifies for medicaid but I dont take it, why have them "take over" to give me lousy diapers and lousy caregivers for maybe 2 hours a day, forget it. I hire my own great help and buy Mom only the best supplies, never had a bedsore yet.

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