My parents have a 2003 car and a really old rv. That's all they own. They only get ssi and we are always told they don't qualify for medicaid. This keeps them from being able to live at an assisted living facility. They can't live at home in their old rv anymore and they need help but I'm not getting anywhere.

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Labell, I think that is an excuse given to you by your parents, they just don't want to move anywhere, and are happy living in their RV. What you are going through is very common with older parents, they hate to give up their independence, not realizing that moving to senior living gives them MORE independence.

Please note that Medicaid pays mainly for skilled nursing care. Thus, does your Mom and Dad both need around the clock skilled care? If not, the Medicaid won't place them until they really need that type of help.

As for Assisted Living [which is different from a nursing home], you would need to check with their State to see if Medicaid has a waiver program that would pay part of the monthly rent for Assisted Living, with your parents paying the rest of the rent. Rents in Assisted Living average $5k per month, depending on their area.

Would your parents accept an Aide to come by once or twice a week to help? Medicaid might be able to provide that, it depends on the RV and how big it is, and if 3 people could move about comfortably. If your parents need help with a shower, that might be difficult.
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