Hello there! I’m a 20 year old caregiver of my grandmother and I’ve been having a bit a problem turning my grandma over every two hours. My grandma is obese and she’s paralyzed on her left side so sometimes it’s very hard for me to turn her. We use a pull sheet to move her around in the bed to make her comfortable but she calls us every 10 mins to turn her back and it’s exhausting. We don’t know what else to really do. It’s becoming really hard on our bodies especially my mother who already has a bad back. Is there any tips that anyone can give to make it a bit easier for us?

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You and your mother are turning her every 2 hours, all day and all night? How long can you two possibly keep such a schedule up?

My sister and I alternated turning my paralyzed father every 2 hours during the night when he first came home from spinal cord injury rehab. Luckily, after several weeks (I can't remember how long it was, actually) and with medical supervision, we were eventually able to stop doing it. I don't know how I would have managed the interrupted sleep if it had had to continue indefinitely. I need my sleep and I would assume you and your mother do, too!

I think it's time for your family to reassess this whole situation.
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I think its time for LTC. Your Mom shouldn't be doing this if she already has a bad back. Check into Medicaid. Maybe you can get some homecare thru them.
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Look into an alternating pressure mattress or mattress topper and ask for medication to help her sleep through the night.
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