I have been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and require assistance from a registered dietitian who is an expert in anti-inflammatory nutrition due to the fact that the medications for this diagnosis makes me physically ill. My neurologist suggested a gluten free/non-dairy diet. I am 66 years old and need assistance. Thank you.

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Puchi, this site doesn't provide names or recommendations for specific types of medical personnel - it's a forum where people ask and others answer questions, so there is no dietician "here" that could help you. But there are very knowledgeable posters.

Ask your neurologist's staff to recommend someone and ask if a script can be written.

The only dieticians I've dealt with have addressed dysphagia diets, so I haven't been in your situation, but I would think that if your neurologist feels it necessary, a script could get the cost paid for by Medicare.

if you try to hire someone on your own, it would be your direct responsibility to pay.

Have you asked your neurologist about a different medicine that doesn't make you ill?

I would also try to find a myasthenia gravis support group; there may be othes who are in a similar situation of having reactions to the specific meds prescribed.

You can also find a lot of online information about anti-inflammatory diets. Google "anti-inflammatory diet, myasthenia gravis" - you'll get plenty of hits. You can also google "gluten free" and "non-dairy diet", as well as the specific medication that makes you ill.

I am P'M'ing one link to you which I think will be very helpful.

I'm wondering also if finding a myasthenia gravis support group might be helpful for you.

I'd provide the links that I found on a quick google search, but the filters on this website delete portions of a link, so it's more reliable if you do the research yourself.
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