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We use one for our adult disabled son who lives at home.

We have it aimed at the bedroom door so we know if he gets up at night and leaves his room.

We bought it at Lowe’s a few years ago for around $70. You have to set it by punching a code into the receiver- which we located in our bedroom. It makes quite a racket as it’s “arming” which takes a minute or two. We usually stifle it with a pillow until it’s finished beeping. It makes an even louder racket when it’s set off - but it does wake us from a sound sleep which is the point. Works like a charm.

I do recall that Lowe’s had a selection in the Home Alarms section - you’re likely to find one that’s a little friendlier to a nursing home environment.
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I am hoping to find a motion detector that will alarm when she attempts to get out of bed. The bed is as low as it can go. There is a fall mat beside the bed. She is in the Memory Care unit that deals with Dementia and Alzheimer patients. She is not capable of pushing any buttons for assistance.
Im just trying to come up with something so she wouldn’t be lying in the floor until someone comes around to check . The receiver would be placed in the common area where caregivers on duty could respond. I am hoping someone has found a good system they can recommend. I have talked with the Director of the facility who is in agreement. I cannot use the bed pad system. Thanks for all of your responses.
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My step father has fallen 3 times in two months, he pushes his wrist button and the aids come and get him off the floor, then the on-site nurse makes sure he is ok. How do you think a motion detector would be of an assistance?
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Agree with everyone here. My dad was falling at night at AL, and they would not let me put a bed alarm on because they did not want to hold the beeper, if they do it for one person, they have to do it for everyone. The best they could do was make sure he wore his fall alert button and he would have to push it and they would come. His care became too great for AL, so I had to move him to a residential care facility (board and care) where he could get more attention at night. Perhaps this is an option for your MIL. Best wishes.
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I’m going to echo Barb & CWillie......
So realistically just who is going to “detect the detector”?
You.... calling the AL in the middle of the nite from your home?
You.... running down to the AL in the middle of the nite from wherever?
The AL nite staff running in whenever it goes off? That’s not an option at all, their not your staff beholden to what you want done.
Her roommate or AL resident next door who hears it? All you need is a resident who helps mom to themselves get hurt and mom is toast on staying there at worst case scenario or avoided by everybody at better case scenario.

None one of these are workable options imo.
If MIL is falling in AL multiple times on a weekly or daily (horrors!) basis, she needs to be evaluated to determine what level of care is needed. AL means one is able to basically do their ADLs with some assistance, like need medication management or help in zipping up clothes or in getting on the AL van to go out on a shopping trip. Not one who falls regularly and cannot get up on her own.

really whomever is DPOA for your MIL needs to speak with the DON (director of nursing) at the AL on having comprehensive evaluation done.
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I was thinking the same as Barb, who is supposed to be monitoring the motion detector? Most ALs have a skeleton staff over night, sometimes as little as one nurse and one aide.
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How do you plan to use a motion detector?

Not saying it won't help, I just haven't heard of them being used to monitor middle of the night movements.

Is your mom getting out of bed in the middle of the night? Is she is a bed that is as low to the floor as possible? Does she have crash mats on the side of the bed she gets out of?
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