I'm seeking a Durable Power of Attorney to protect all of my Mother's interest (e.g., Health/Medical/Finances, etc.)

My brother is allowing his Sister-in-Law to advise him on the care of our Mother. As a result of this, my Mother nearly died on Mon., Sept. 9th. If I hadn't gotten her to the ER, she would have died. By the time the ER got my Mother, she barely had a pulse & her body had gone extremely cold & I was informed by the Rehab facility that my brother's Sister-in-Law had been there with my Mom less than 2 hours before I called to check on her. I live in Southern California, but always check on Mother twice a day, if not more...I just knew something wasn't right.

Unfortunately, my mother asked my brother to help oversee her finances when she became ill & now, his Sister-in-Law has completely taken over. My mother informed me that she realized that she made a mistake when it comes to my I now need to do what I can to protect my mother's interest, as she is very ill at this point.

Thanks for any assistance offered.

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Thanks everyone for your support. By the way, I live in Southern California, my Mother resides in Houston, Texas. I was in Houston in May and part of June & had I known what was REALLY going on; I would have taken care of it all during my visit. But I have faith that God is on my side & He knows what's going on and I will be able to get my Mother the assistance she needs.
Thanks again everyone.
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Hello ejones0829,

What a terrible mess. I am including a link below where you can search for Elder Law Attorney's in your area. I hope this helps to get you started in the right direction.

Warm regards,
Melissa R.
The Team
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once again, I need to apologize for my android phone's inaccurate voice recognition:

NOT "your brother is following his SILs the devil" (don't I know where THAT came from, haha), instead: your brother is following his SILs "IDEAS"...

dealing with something as URGENT AND important

how to locate AN EXPERIENCED eldercare attorney

Whether you have to fly or drive, put everything else on hold and get to your moms side as soon as you possibly can!
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I'm sorry, but even though you say you are in Southern California, you don't mention in your question or your profile where your mother is located. It does seem as if your brother is following his SILs the devil because he is otherwise busy or does not have confidence in his own decisions. His SIL is his wife's sister? Where is his wife in all of this?

Dealing with something as emergent an important as what you describe indicate to me that you need to physically be where your mom is as soon as possible. Once there, you will be able to use people at the hospital, the local County Bar Association and even the phone book to locate inexperienced elder law attorney and get this taken care of as soon as possible. As you have already described, this has potential of life and death for your mom. Do not waste any time!
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