HUD. federal department of Housing and Urban Development.
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Apply at every housing unit HUD has that has an open waiting list. The wait times are very lengthy most places.
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This is something you need to contact your Social Service Dept. I think I called the Housing Dept. People on this forum are from all over the US. Section 8 has a lot to do with the area you live in.

I can give u an overview. HUDD is section 8. It all depends on your income. One adult will be Ok'd for one bedroom. Your rent will depend on income. I think u pay 30% of ur income and HUDD picks up the rest. So if u bring in 1000 you pay $300. You can get help with electric and heat. Food stamps.
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John51 Nov 5, 2019
Thank you JoAnn ! I will try Hudd in my area ! 🌞

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