Need info with out of control brother, he has stolen most of Mom's money.


My brother has ownership of our mother's home and property as of 12 years ago. He has stolen most of her money and now that I and my husband are in a better situation we have decided to get her closer to us and in an independent living. My problem is that my brother filed for bankruptcy which should be dismissed in August, we are wanting him to allow us to sell everything so that the money can be used for her care later if need be. He is setting reserves on home, cars, etc so that no one will want to buy these things. He also did not tell his creditors that her home is in his name, so that is bankruptcy fraud, right? I am in the process of becoming her POA what should my next step be? Also he has charged $$,$$$ in credit card debt on HER card which we have cancelled. How can we get him to pay for his debt on her card? Or should we just get a lawyer? Not sure if we have time because of his dismissal in August.



How long has this been going on? Brother has had free, unsupervised reign of Mom’s financial affairs for years? Months? Yes, you badly need an attorney. Only someone well-versed in untangling the illegal from the legal can figure this one out. He could be guilty of credit card fraud at the least if he was signing Mom’s name on the credit card receipts. If he has no money he has none to pay back. This is a mess. I would call your attorney tomorrow and tell them time is of the essence before brother pulls something else.
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Get a lawyer,, you have time and may need that money in the future for her care.
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