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Mom went from memory care to the hospital, hospital to rehab facility & rehab to SNF. Does Medicare send Mom a bill for her co-pay (days 21-100) amounts? Or does the re-hab facility and SNF each bill her for the co-pay? Thank you for your info!

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Thanks for the info! We are used to paying Mom's providers the remainder after they get their payment from Medicare. We've always gotten a statement with the bill. So just trying to figure out who is going to bill her & how much. Guess that's a surprise we just wait to find in the mailbox!
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Medicare never sends a bill. The facility will send her the bill showing what Medicare covered and suppliment showing the total due. Medicare and her supplemental wil, send you statements. I personally pay no one until I see these statements. I have found errors in providers bills.

Medicare statement will show you what they considered reasonable and pay 80% of that. The important statement is the supplemental. They will show what Medicare paid and then (based on what Medicare felt was reasonable) pay their share, which is not always 20%. Mom will pay the balance due.

If Mom is on Medicaid for her care, then she pays nothing. Medicaid picks up any balances. You may not see a bill at all.
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Re-hab and/or facility would bill her
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