Need home care for dementia patient in my home for brother who needs Medicare approved.

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Medicaid in some states will provide 24/7 care. Medicare will not provide home care unless you are receiving skilled care and physical therapy. Medicaid home care is needs based so they will do an assessment to determine how many hours he needs. Most of the time you will get MORE than 4-6 hours a week. More like 4-6 hours a day.
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Medicaid will not pay very much for home care, if he qualifies. Some states will pay as much as 4-6 hours a week.

dementia is a very difficult process for caregivers. He will need 24/7 care before this is over.

Start the process to get him qualified for Medicaid and look for a memory care home for him.
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Medicare does not pay for homecare in the home unless you have been released from a hospital. And then its short-term. If brother is low income, try Medicaid for homecare.
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