Im M.P.O.A. AN D.P.O.A. My Father passed Sept 22 of this yr. My Mom fell in his hospice room Sept 17th. 2 days in a reg hospital an 4 days in a Rehab Hospital. She has medicare an a secondary. 25,000$ plus Dads Life Insurance coming of 10, 900. She's beneficiary. Plus sale of personal property in near future. She was at rehab when Daddy passed as I was too. I was caregiver to both for 7 yrs. Neither drove. Mom 84. Dad was 84. 62 yrs married. I discharged Mom fr rehab hospital to see Dad after he passed which she only could take for awhile. Then we took to their handicapp nice apartment. Not godly amt a month. She had been up with walker etc. Tripped on threshold in group home ( only 4 pts in it an its like a real home but care was not good. Im still pissed). It was not Ada. Im sure. Anyway, fr Sept 23rd till Oct 4th @ apartment then to SNU. She had 30 days fr discharge fr rehab HOSPITAL. So just got discharged 29th Oct. Now Mom has money but not rich. Has to watch it. Cant be alone. All nursing homes are bad here. So my older sister has extra bedroom on other side if house. Mom would have own bathroom set up. Sister has never been full time caregiver but fixin to get a lesson. Ive done it with alot of sacrifice an caregiver burnout an compassion fatigue along with it. Marital and financial probs. So this needs to happen that she moves 1hr/20 min away to another st. She has 5 specialist an 1 M.D. oxygen(same comp in town she movin to) home health ( same comp in town she movin to), multi meds (walmart here an in new town) I just need a " plan" or talk to a planner or pt advocate or whoever to tell steps to take to make this go smooth as poss. What to do first, etc.. I have med knowledge so just need help planning in advance. I would keep here but no room absolutely in our home. And not puttin in NH. She doesn't need one right now. Someone will be staying with her till sister gets off. Other Grandson lives there and other family. I know she is depressed moving from here, since 1976, but thats way cards are falling. Who do I call to help "plan"?

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The question is does sister agree to take on the responsibility of bringing Mom into her house? And what about the other family members? Are they agreeable to help take care of Mom? If they are on board with caring for her, then they are the ones to meet with to "plan". Are they agreeable to have Mom there?
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Lynn105 Nov 4, 2019
Yes sister is agreed an her husband. They have found a woman to come be with Mom when their at work. We all are involved moving Mom as far as physical things an setting up new room , bathroom (safety bars etc..) , she has all equipment. But since Ive been caregiver for almost 8yrs I know allot about Mom. I do not work an havent since careing for parent's so I will do this for my Mother an drive 1 hr an 20 min to help with medical settling.
Since your mother has private insurance with Medicare as a secondary, you don't need to worry about health insurance qualification changing across state lines. I suggest finding doctors at her new location and getting copies of your mother's medical files to provide those new doctors, along with copies of your POAs, and schedule first appointments ASAP after this move is accomplished.

Does you sister need any equipment (walker, inclining bed, etc.) or supplies setup in her home prior to your mother's arrival?

Contacting the Area Agency on Aging in your mother's new location to see what services are available is probably your next step. An adult day care or senior center would be a good socialization opportunity where your mother could make some new friends while providing a bit of respite for your sister.
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Oh she broke ankle. But no surgery required. In blk boot an now,walking on it about 15 min 2x a day. It will take 3 months to fully recover. Forgot to add
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